All the other guys are looking at her like they are so happy to see her, even if she isn’t their daughter. One of my favorite pictures.

Aw omg, the facial expressions.

I completely understand why they’re all excited. You start to miss your loved ones so much that you feel happy when someone else gets to see theirs, even if you don’t get to see yours.

There aren’t any words to describe this one.

I will never not reblog this.

Bet they don’t look at Palestinian girls like that.




soldiers aren’t monsters. They’re just doing their job

More than enough Israeli Zionists inside and outside the military to leave a huge mark in the nation and the surrounding area. Don’t just think that all of the violence occurring across Palestinian populated territory does not play in large part to zionistic israeli ignorance. Soldiers during riots often resort to using tear gas to disperse these riots wether there are children there or not. Though it is true it is not ALL the soldier’s fault but it shows the little care Israel in general shows towards the Palestinian people. There has even been a reported case of a Palestinian child dying after getting hit from one of these tear gas canisters.Not all devoted Israeli people are hateful but do not mistake the large amount of ignorance and hate plagued in that country











Eye practice because I clearly need it

Why is this the exact same way Slugbox draws eyes? slug how many tumblrs do you have?

Out of all of Slubox’s friends you seem to be the only try hard acting as one of his guard dogs. He doesn’t need the protection, nor does he care that ANYONE might draw similarly to him. So stop trying to insight witch hunts and drama by reblogging random artists who just so happen to draw a tiny bit like him. Makes you look ridiculous.

Lol this is getting sad

ofc slug doesn’t care, but you should care for your own art.Really I thought someone took slug pics and just cleaned everything around the eyes…but yeah,slugs inspiration to all of us, but try using that and creating something of your own!

No offense to anyone either, but I feel like a lot of people copy his style just because he’s popular and they’ll think they’ll get popular if they take his style. (and not just because they love it… if they don’t love it and just copy for popularity that’s really sad)
If people want slugbox art, they’ll go to slugbox. You can make art like his, yeah you might get some attention but at the end of the day your art is no better than a knockoff handbag of a popular brand.
I’ve learned a lot from Slug, I tried copying his lineart style for a short spell because I love his lines, but I took what I learned from doing that and did my own thing with it. Hell I copy his business model basically(because he told me too haha), but I try to add my own twist too so I’m not obviously a “slugbox wannabe”. Copying successful people is great if you want to learn, but you’re not going to be remembered as anything other than a copier unless you add your own spin.
Also it’s flattering when someone copies you. And, well, it gives him some publicity when people point it out. So… yeah… Idk I have a lot of feelings?

Christ guys, calm yourselves. Maybe they take inspiration from Slug’s eyes? I know I have taken inspiration from his eye lashes. Like you say, if people want slug art, they will go to him. But it is always a little ridiculous to see everyone pointing fingers of ‘YOU COPIED SO AND SO’ in a way as if you are tattling on the person. Copying something/someone is a step toward finding your own style sometimes. I take notes from not only slug, but my friends, and even Pastelletta up here. I take those notes and try to make a style that is all my own. I honestly don’t see the problem of practicing these things. Now, if they were to blatantly draw over one of slug’s drawings and called them their own, that’s when I can see a problem.
Idk, I guess that my two cents… waiting for threats of why I’m wrong in 3… 2…

No, you’re completely right. As a matter of fact, I said it myself earlier when talking with Jazy. Just let Lark draw how she wants. The more she practice, the more she’ll twist the style to be her own and that will be perfectly fine.

I sounded kinda bleh there. Here’s a revised version:
Copying is okay, as long as you don’t claim it’s your own unique thing (like said before) however in my opinion it’s not a good idea to base everything you do on someone else’s work if you want to be uniquely recognized… and I’m really not okay with people selling art that’s blatantly another person’s style, but that’s me… Though,  people who copy don’t really want to do either of those most of the time.
I have no idea who Lark is, I’ve seen her recent stuff now and yeah it’s obviously slug’s style but hey if that makes her happy and she’s not claiming it’s her style and slug’s okay too… cool! Like I said I copied him too.
Sorry I’m a derpy baby and can’t say things right. Hugs?

Oh, no problem, Pastelletta. Hugs all around. That’s what this needs now. Hugs and lots of bakery goods to pass out.

I just want to point out that I’m a boy

I’m gonna state this right here because this blog is dead anyway. You guys do realize you are all being ridiculous right? stating someone is just copying an art style that already exists. You guys understand how just batshit stupid that sounds? Do you even understand how progress and personalization work? I am going to just state the obvious right now because apparently no one is saying it.
Nothing is 100% original. There you go folks, nothing is ever all original. progress, and personalization work through immitaion and emulation, which means someone takes something that exists and makes it his own through time and trial/error. Nothing in life is just made out of thin air without basing it on someone elses work, unless you are some revolutionary mind which lets face it we aren’t. So someones eyes look a bit like Slugboxes’, holy shit what a nazi amirite send him to the gulags. You know im going to put this out there too, Slugbox isnt that original either.
At one point in his progression of style im sure he looked at others work and tried to make it his own, or improve his style to look just a but closer to someone he looks up to because he wants to see himself improve. Noone sees him getting any whiplash for this. Now did he become just a copycat, does he steal others work? No, he found his own unique style and is happy to improve from there, who knows maybe from someone he looks up to.
I am fucking tired of hearing you people squabble over these stupid ugh copycat fights. seriously that’s like saying Sony couldn’t make a PS1 because Nintendo was already making consoles they’re copycats. Sometimes you people make me sick to my stomach generating all this negativity to artists who just want to improve.
been sketching for hours and I just cant do anything good. that feel when you think your hand is just working against you
i dunno why this sketch popped into my head but i like it

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Attempting to stream with shitty computer, expect issues and fun!


noir sketch to finish later

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whoever requested nepeta, it may take me a while to finish it but hees the sketch i made
gift for my fwend stargazer